What does it mean to create?
A careful gesture of splashing colours on to a piece of canvas?
Caressing a guitar into lining eardrums with melodic whispers?
This could be seen as one’s defining moment in life, at least one that can be said for the greats.
But there is more to being a creative than having your name scripted on historical pages.
To create, without being able to influence, is to not create at all.


I love nature and the ocean, I love to draw, paint, surf, garden, meet new people and explore this incredible planet and its unfathomable number of perspectives and dimensions. Geology, botany and insects. Birds, mammals, reptiles and machines. The structures we build, both out and within. Music, dance, flow. The infinite doorways, choices, shifting, morphing, breathing. The heat of the sun, your touch on my skin.

I believe it is my responsibility to change the world because I am the only one who can see what I can see, and I believe you have the same responsibility. The only way to overcome the problems humanity is faced with is by working together in kindness and non-violence. I believe in preserving the beauty of the planet and co-existing with nature.

Hard work and proper planning are the only way to reach your goals. Choose something meaningful, start it and finish it. Each time you will get slightly better, and after a thousand attempts, you will start to see the fruits of your labour. It will not be easy, so choose something you would want to do every day until your last day. No one will see it until everyone can't help but see it. Take a chance and follow your dreams, the regret of not doing so will haunt you forever if you don't. Start small and be easy on yourself, no one is born a master of anything. You are good enough, and you are worth it. Create for the joy of creation and everything else will fall into place, it is inside you, it is you.

Thank you to everyone who is making my life such a beautiful adventure.

My next few steps are to build more worlds and design characters, figure out a story, continue learning code and updating this website until I can combine my work into an interactive learning experience.

Enjoy the evolution.


I usually start very rough only a vague idea of what I want.
I then put down as much as possible - you can't fix something that isn't there.
In the early stages I use the biggest possible brush or shapes to fill the canvas and establish a basic composition.
Build upon the base by laying down more brush strokes, pulling out and cutting back shapes.
You will start figuring out where objects or colours should be added or removed.
Never be scared to destroy something you put down - if you drew it once, you can draw it again and better.